Kit De Doble Limpieza pieles secas o maduras


Kit De Doble Limpieza pieles secas o maduras

$174.900 COP ( $194.400 COP )

The first step of a beauty routine should always be to remove all the dirt and impurities that accumulate during the day, in Kalon we know it and that is why we bring the Korean double cleaning kit.

The first step is one of the most important, double cleaning involves using an oil-based cleaner followed by an aqueous cleaner.

It seems illogical that cleansing oil is good for cleaning the skin, but when you try it, you will wonder what your life was like before you met it. You apply it on the palms of your hands and rub it a little to warm it up, the oil attracts the oil, so it will deeply remove the sebum, makeup, creams and all the fatty impurities that are in your pores, you will notice a big change if You add it to your daily routine, it is ideal for all skin types, especially if it is oily and if you use waterproof makeup, this product will surely change your life.

In this step we include Aromatica's Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil, which is a cleansing oil cataloged by many experts as the "holy grail" of makeup removers. Thanks to its high percentage of coconut oil, it removes makeup in a gentle, pleasant and gentle way, avoiding tight skin. To this wonderful ingredient we have to add apricot, olive and sweet almond oil. The result: the perfect formula to remove makeup and maintain skin hydration.

The second step is to use the cream cleanser. In this step we include the Reviving Rose Infusion Cream Cleanser which is a creamy cleanser with all the benefits of rose to obtain a smooth and luminous skin. In addition, its formulation contains damascene rose water, rose extracts, aloe vera and calendula extracts, which create a hydration barrier so that the skin is not tight, but soft and luminous. It also contains extracts of elderberries and an Indian berry called amalaki, both loaded with antioxidants that work to improve skin elasticity.

With this double cleansing kit from the Aromatica brand you will have the secret of a perfect skin in just two steps. Dare to try it!

What type of skin is it suitable for?

  • Dry
  • Sensitive
  • Normal
  • Mixed
  • Mature