Did you know that at age 25 our body gradually stops producing collagen? Many experts recommend starting to use anti-aging treatments at age 21 and not waiting for wrinkles to start to appear to take care of ourselves, because treating the signs of aging is much more difficult than preventing them from appearing, but do you know what the main causes of the signs of aging are?

Let's start by understanding what are the external factors that accelerate the aging process of our skin:

1. Sun: This is the worst enemy for your skin, if we really want to show off beautiful skin for many years it is very important that you use a sunscreen that protects you against UVA rays, these rays are the cause of causing damage at the cellular level . The spots and freckles are the result of the skin's attempt to protect itself from the harmful rays of the sun and in the worst case can lead to melanoma. This is known as photoaging and it is undoubtedly the external factor that most accelerates the appearance of signs of aging.

    If you have any questions about which sunscreen to choose in this link you will find information about it (THIS HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO NOT USE AN APPROPRIATE SUNSCREEN)

    2. Cleaning: Today we live in cities with highly polluted environments and this worsens the effects of frequent exposure to the sun's rays, if we add to this a poor cleaning of the makeup that we use daily, without a doubt the signs of aging they will begin to notice on our skin much faster. That is why using a good cleanser that, in addition to leaving our pores free of contamination, provides nutrients to our skin, it will be a great ally when it comes to fighting the effects of aging.

    If you are not sure which is the right cleanser for your skin type, we invite you to go to the following link (FACIAL CLEANSERS)

    3. Smoking: Smoking causes a decrease in blood circulation in all body tissues, affecting the elasticity of the skin, making us more prone to the appearance of fine lines and affecting the luminosity and appearance of the skin. We are aware of how difficult it can be to quit smoking, but we also know that if others have succeeded, you can too.

    4. Nutrition: A poor diet lacking in antioxidants will not contribute at all to delay skin aging. However, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables such as strawberry, blueberries, mango, papaya among many others are essential to prevent aging of our skin and in general to improve health. Because healthy skin is the reflection of a healthy diet.

      If we take care of these 4 factors, it is very likely that we will be able to avoid the effects of the passing of the years for a long time, if you have not started to take care of these there are also anti-aging products that will help you treat them, such as special eye contours for wrinkles that are rich in antioxidants, serums that match skin tone or moisturizers that improve your skin's natural elasticity, among many others.

      And if you have not yet begun to take care of the sun's rays, or to properly clean your face to delay the passage of the years, we invite you to write us, here you will find personalized advice where we will help you choose the products that really fit your needs, without having to spend a fortune.