One of the most recurrent problems of our clients is the lack of hydration in the skin, many suffer because their skin looks dull or alibi and if you got this far, your skin is probably not going through its best moment, but before giving you the 5 habits to keep your skin hydrated, I would like you to answer 2 things first:

  • What products are you washing your face with?
  • Am I using a suitable sunscreen?

These questions are very important because something as simple as using a soap that is not for your skin type or even using the same soap with which we bathe could be the cause, not only of dryness but of many other problems. Using the right soap can do wonders for your skin's health, as it will address specific needs. The easiest way to understand why NOT any soap works is by looking at the ingredients that are used in its preparation; Soaps for people with combination or oily skin are mostly formulated with ingredients that help regulate the natural production of sebum, but if your skin is normal or dry, the formulas tend to be made up of ingredients such as rose extracts or in general anyone that retains hydration in your skin. So if you keep using any soap to wash your face, it may make its condition worse.

Another aggressor that may be wreaking havoc on our skin is a daily enemy from which we cannot flee, the sun and its UV rays, which are undoubtedly the greatest accelerator of the aging of our skin, its rays are the greatest cause of dryness, wrinkles, spots on the skin and in some cases they can even cause melanoma, so if you don't know how to choose a suitable sunscreen, I invite you to go to the following link ( https://www.kalonskinbar.com/esto-pasa -when-you-don't-use-sunscreen )

The two questions that I wanted you to solve above are largely related to the habits that you must have if we want to show off more hydrated skin since if you don't use the right products, you will hardly reach your goals, but we are going with the 5 habits to improve your skin. hydration of your skin:

  1. Have a proper facial cleansing routine : Washing your face with a soap indicated for your skin type will help a lot in its appearance and health. We already talked about the importance of choosing a soap that meets the specific needs of each person, so if you want to start by changing something toxic in your life, let it be that soap with which you wash your face. Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser
  2. Drink enough water: It is useless to use the best skin care products if we do not drink enough water, dull and cracked skin can be a reflection of a dehydrated body.
  3. Remove make-up every day: Powders and foundations settle in the pores and do not let it breathe, suffocating the skin, if you are one of those who sleep with makeup, I invite you to change this habit since not removing make-up at night can be the reason not only for the dehydration of your skin, but also an accelerator of the signs of aging.
  4. Use moisturizers or masks at night: It is the best way to help your skin retain hydration where you want it, the modern formulas of these products give you extra hydration from the first use, and even help to minimize lines For expression, there are moisturizing night masks such as the water sleeping mask, which has such a powerful moisturizing formula that just using it 2 to 3 times a week is enough to improve the hydration and luminosity of the skin. There are also creams for daily use that are very light and are formulated with nutrients that will give your skin that velvety appearance, if you do not know which one to use, ask Kalon for advice you will find moisturizing creams that are a very complete solution to nourish your skin. WATER SLEEPING MASK
  5. Use sunscreen with PA +++: Choosing a sunscreen that has a high spectrum of protection against UVA and UVB rays is very important, All sunscreens protect us from UVB rays but NOT all protect us from UVA rays, that is why It is very important that we look at the spectrum of protection of the sunscreen that we are using, since it can be the cause of the deterioration of our appearance and the dehydration of it.

Keeping the skin hydrated and healthy does not have to be very complicated or very expensive, choosing a soap and a suitable sunscreen for your skin type can restore vitality and natural shine to the skin, that is why we must work on returning its I use a habit, as well as remove undesirable habits such as sleeping with makeup from our lives and we will begin to notice the changes we want and to pamper ourselves as it should.