It is very normal that when it comes to skin care, many doubts arise about where we should start, perhaps in your case you want to start taking care of yourself but you do not know where? Or maybe you have already started buying a number of products but you do not see the results you expected, if this is your case, calm down, many times we get carried away because a product is fashionable and we buy it expecting magical results, but I regret to tell you that all the Skins have special needs and what works for some may not work for you, but the only thing we all agree on is that skin care should start with a cleaning that guarantees that all impurities that are accumulate throughout the day in our pores, in order to keep the production of sebum regulated and prevent the accumulation of impurities that can trigger annoying pimples.

That is why today I will tell you the simplest way to show off healthier skin and stop suffering from the appearance of pimples and blackheads. The first thing is to understand why we must clean our skin very well, when there is an excess of sebum and too many dead skin cells, the pores become clogged. So the bacteria can get trapped inside the pores and reproduce, causing the skin to swell and red, this is the beginning of acne . In addition, many people believe that only applying moisturizers or vitamins to the skin will improve everything, but EYE, without proper cleaning, applying other products does not make any sense since the impurities in your pores will not allow them to act effectively.

In some of your chemistry classes at school you will have heard that water and oil repel each other and cannot mix, that is why if we want to remove greasy particles such as sebum that accumulates in our pores, the oily bases of the blockers or in general any impurities left by makeup pigments, we must use a cleansing oil daily, which will help us to maintain a clean skin free of imperfections. But don't worry, if your skin is oily or combination, all the more reason you should clean it very well because only a cleansing oil will be able to remove the fat that your skin produces, regulating its production. In this video we show you the steps to do it correctly.

This technique is called double cleansing and in my opinion this is the most effective technique to keep your skin clean and prevent the sebum and impurities that accumulate during the day in your pores from becoming infected and turning into pimples.

This technique consists of using a cleansing oil that removes oil-soluble impurities (sebum, makeup pigments, remains of oily creams) and then washing our face with the cleansing soap with which we feel more comfortable, in order that finish removing the rest of the impurities, with these two simple steps you have the secret of a clean, soft and luminous skin, dare to try it! both cleansing oils and soaps are indicated especially for each type of skin and even if your skin is dry they can provide extra hydration to your skin, keeping it clean and moisturized. If you have questions, ask us, at Kalon we have a team ready to answer all your questions so that you can choose the products that best suit the needs of your skin.

Double cleaning kit for combination or oily skin
Kit for dry or normal skin