Sometimes we see people with porcelain skin, luminous and flawless and we wonder. How do they manage to look like this? Well, it is clear that genetics determines a large part of the appearance of your skin, but there are external factors such as eating habits, the environment that surrounds us and hormonal changes that affect its final appearance. For this reason, it is extremely important to identify your skin type in order to choose the right products and adjust our beauty routines to the factors our skin is exposed to every day.


Following these simple 4 steps will make it easier for you to identify your skin type

1. Wash your face

2. Do not apply any product

3. Wait about 1 hour

4. Analyze in detail the appearance of your skin.

There are 4 types of skin: normal, dry, combination and oily. Depending on your skin type you will notice different things.


Normal skin has an ideal balance, with adequate oil production. If after doing the previous steps you notice that you have small pores, elastic and smooth texture, without cracks or imperfections, this is your skin type.

Normal skin does not require more care and is easy to treat, however, as the years go by, the skin dries little by little, for this reason it is recommended to use creams that increase the level of moisture and do an exfoliation 1 or 2 times a week to remove dead cells and impurities, and never forget to apply sunscreen.

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Dry skin lacks hydration and lipids and has less oil production than normal skin. If when analyzing yourself in front of the mirror you notice that it is tight, dry, dull and with very closed or not very visible pores, this is your skin type.

dry skin is more prone to premature aging and blemishes, to help the recovery of the fat layer and achieve balance, the constant use of nourishing moisturizers, products enriched with natural oils, sunscreen and exfoliation is recommended 1 time every 15 days to avoid irritations. It is very important to choose products with ingredients that are not aggressive.

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As its name implies, "mixed" skin combines characteristics of two or more skin types. In skin type it can be seen how the so-called T zone composed of the forehead, nose and chin generate more fat than the cheeks shortly after washing the face, in this area you can see the more open pores and sometimes find the presence of pimples.

Combination skin, although it is the most common skin in Latin people, is the most difficult to treat since it is necessary to combine products of different skin types, it is recommended to use sunscreen, moisturizers daily in the driest areas, exfoliants and masks Once a week in the T zone, we love the Shake & Shot Rubber Brightening Mask, as it brightens the skin. The Brightening Mask ampoule contains Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and vitamin-rich sea buckthorn fruit extract to even out skin tone, brighten and revitalize it. Your skin has never been so radiant.

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Oily skin produces excess sebum. If you notice that your pores are large, have a shiny appearance and are prone to developing blackheads or pimples, this is your skin type.

Using the Korean technique of double cleansing will bring very good results if this is your skin type, since cleansing oils are excellent at removing excess sebum and all the fatty particles that accumulate on your skin. You can add this step to your beauty routine followed by cleaning with the foam cleanser that you use daily, you will see how your skin is soft and hydrated.

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To help the skin properly regulate the production of oil, the use of products with alcohol should be avoided, and although it sounds contradictory, moisturizing oily skin and applying an oil-based cleanser will help restore balance to your skin. Sunscreen, double cleansing routine, serum and moisturizers are recommended. You can learn more about double cleaning by clicking here .

After you have identified your skin type, it will be easier for you to select the cosmetic and easy-care products that allow you to have the look you have always wanted. Remember that the state of your skin will depend on your beauty routine and that the products you choose adapt to the needs of your skin, I hope this information will be very useful for your objective. GOOD LUCK.