No person has been born who has been saved from an annoying pimple on the forehead, on the lip or on the tip of the nose, and worst of all is that they always appear when we have an important event or a party in which we want to look perfect . The first thing that comes to mind when we see it is undoubtedly that we should burst it, this in the hope that it will stop bothering us, but BEWARE we could make the problem worse due to the consequences that this can bring us: redness, inflammation or even a permanent mark on the skin.

Therefore, even if we have the most important appointment of our lives, it is best to act with caution and use everything in our power to camouflage it and calmly be able to get rid of our little tenant without causing collateral damage that could become permanent.

First we must understand why pimples appear, the most common cause is due to a plugging of the duct through which our skin eliminates the sebum that our body naturally produces, this accumulation of sebum is colonized by bacteria that triggers an inflammation of the pore, producing us a granite.

If it is a red and painful pimple, it means that there is a lot of inflammation. If pus has not yet appeared on the tip, it makes no sense to explode it because you will only do more damage and you could worsen the inflammation, so first you could use thermal water by applying it with a gauze, leaving it to act for a few minutes several times at a time. day. We can also use creams or toners that have anti-irritant active components such as niacinamide, micro exfoliants such as salicylic acid and sanitizers such as zinc salts, we love BENTON's Aloe BHA skin toner since it is formulated with extract of Aloe Vera, Beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid, all ingredients that will help calm the skin and hydrate it, avoiding any type of irritation. Another of its ingredients is snail mucin, which is an excellent regenerator that improves skin firmness. But the best thing is that it also contains 0.5% salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory ingredient very appropriate for acne-prone skin and that will help you heal blemishes faster.


There are also emergency treatments such as anti-acne patches, these adhere to blemishes and are waterproof. They work because they treat the infection by killing the bacteria that cause it and keeping it from getting worse. They dissolve dirt and absorb it, without drying out the skin, they also reduce cystic acne and flatten the surface of the skin and best of all, they are so thin and transparent that they are almost imperceptible, you can even apply makeup on top of them and use them during the day without problems. We love COSRX brand Acne Pimple Master Patches

Acne Pimple Master Patch - COSRX

During the days that the annoying visit lasts, you can apply a little corrective makeup so that no one notices our small imperfection, it can be a localized corrector of the same tone as your skin applied to the pimple area. If you like to put on makeup, you can use a good makeup adapted for oily skin on your entire face, these do not clog your pores and on the contrary, they will help it disappear.

If you have already tried all these traditional solutions and they do not work for you or you feel that the pimples take a long time to heal, I will tell you one of the best kept secrets to show off skin without blemishes. In one of your boring chemistry classes at school you will have heard that water and oil repel each other and cannot be mixed, this simple rule will solve many of our problems, that is why if we want to remove greasy particles such as sebum that accumulates in our pores, the oily bases of the blockers or in general any impurities that the makeup pigments leave in our pores, we must use a cleansing oil daily, which will help us to maintain a clean skin free of imperfections .

This technique is called double cleansing and in my opinion this is the most effective technique to keep your skin clean and prevent the sebum and impurities that accumulate during the day in your pores from becoming infected.

The technique consists of using a cleansing oil that removes oil-soluble impurities (sebum, makeup pigments, remains of oily creams) and then washing our face with the cleansing soap with which we feel more comfortable, so that it finishes removing the rest of the impurities, in this little video you will see how simple double cleaning is .

Our favorite cleansing oil is Aromatica's Natural Coconut Cleansing oil , this cleansing oil has been cataloged by many experts as the "holy grail" of cleansing oils. Which contains coconut oil and to this wonderful ingredient we have to add apricot, olive and sweet almond oil. The result: the perfect formula to remove makeup and maintain skin hydration. At Kalon we have different cleansing oils for all skin types, if you have questions about which one best suits your skin type, do not hesitate to contact us.

Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil - Aromatica

Last but not least is the use of a cleansing soap that suits your skin type and your needs, in this sense you can ask your trusted dermatologist for help, he will surely recommend a special soap for your type of skin, in Kalon you will find different cleansers that will undoubtedly be the perfect complement in your double cleaning.

In many cases the most important thing so that the annoying pimples do not continue to appear is in prevention, the products you use to eliminate the impurities that accumulate daily due to contamination, sweat or makeup can in many cases be the solution to all our ills, that's why I invite you to plan your daily beauty routine very well and I know that in a short time you will begin to notice great results.

On the other hand, it is important that you understand that each person has genetic factors that make them unique, and these same factors may have given you acne-prone skin, if this is your case it is very important that you ask the opinion of your trusted dermatologist for to tell you which is the best treatment for you, we at Kalon handle the AC collection line of the COSRX brand, which is a line of dermatological products specialized in acne control, this product line has soaps, serum and moisturizing creams that in addition to helping you with acne problems provides nutrients and revitalizes the skin.