Kalon Skin Bar

Reusable makeup remover towel

$9.900 COP
(8 Reviews)

Remove all the makeup from your face with just a little water, with our makeup remover towels you can remove bases, shadows, blushes and in general all makeup, even those that are waterproof.

Using our make-up removal cloths is the way to give the planet a break, since being reusable we can save up to 1,000 make-up removal cloths.

Its magic is due to the fact that it is made with a polyester microfiber composed of more than a million filaments that work together to suck dirt, makeup and oil from your pores.


  • Does not require chemicals
  • No polluting wipes waste
  • Ultra smooth
  • Excellent for sensitive skin

Note: The towel should be washed after each use.

This product is free of oils, alcohols, fragrances, parabens and sulfates.

How to use?: Moisten with water and proceed to pass it all over your face, it is recommended to wash it after each use.


8 Reviews