Let's start by understanding the causes of the problem of dry lips, This area is especially delicate since they are the transition between the mucosa of the mouth and the skin that surrounds it, so it contains less keratin, which is the protein that protects and gives thickness to the skin, in addition this area has only a third of the cell layers than the rest of our normal skin, so it requires special care that many times we do not give it. But there are external factors such as temperature change, lack of hydration or frequent lip licking that may be affecting the hydration of our lips.

To prevent your lips from drying out, we must start by drinking enough water, if our body is dehydrated this will be reflected in a dehydrated skin and it will be more evident in the appearance of our lips, also if your lips look cracked this may be due to a response from the body to the sun's rays so it is advisable to apply a small layer of sunscreen in this area.

Other simple tips to reduce this annoying and painful problem is to avoid biting or licking them, if your lips itch constantly, avoid licking them this will only increase the dryness, instead you can alleviate the sensation by applying a lip balm of your choice.

In the market there are more innovative solutions such as the lip sleeping mask, if you suffer from dry lips and have tried all the homemade tips without obtaining results, surely you have already heard about this product that has a legion of fans around the world. This Korean lip mask works while you sleep and its results are noticeable from the first day of use. It is formulated with an exclusive technology called Moisture Wrap ™ which contains hyaluronic acid and minerals that form a protective film on the lips which nourishes and regenerates the lips during your hours of sleep, in addition to its formula enriched with Vitamin C, antioxidants and its Berry Mix Complex ™ offer a sweet fragrance thanks to a combination of red berries that will make you fall in love.

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If you have a tendency to get cracks or you just want to have the skin in this area like velvet, incorporate this mask into your beauty routine and from the first use you will join the fan club that has this product around the world.

Taking care of your lips should not be a difficult or painful task, in general a good hydration and a daily layer of a good moisturizer that provides the necessary nutrients to this important area should be enough to maintain the appearance of these soft and provocative.