We have all been told that we should use sunscreen daily, but we rarely understand why it is so necessary and the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about them is the horrible greasy feeling they leave us. This is one of the biggest challenges that sunscreen manufacturers have had to face, which is why they have created formulations that practically do not feel, which makes them spectacular for daily use. But why the use of sunscreen has become so popular in Korea? Protecting yourself very well from UV rays is one of the bases for the success of a beauty routine due to the damage they cause to our appearance and our health, so without a doubt the use of sunscreen on a daily basis should be a habit that it should be instilled in EVERYONE from childhood.

But let's start first by understanding what UV rays are and how they affect us. The sun's rays hit our skin in TWO ways, either as UVA rays or as UVB rays. UVA rays cause damage at the cellular level and are responsible for causing spots on the skin, wrinkles and can even trigger melanomas (cancer), while UVB rays are responsible for your beautiful tan and are also what we cause burns and redness on the skin, UVB affects only the superficial layers. ( Note: All sunscreens protect us from UVB rays but NOT all protect us from UVA rays, that is why it is very important that we look at the protection spectrum of the sunscreen we are using)

But how to know if our sunscreen is protecting us effectively:

  • How to know if we are protected from UVB rays? The acronym SPF (sun protection factor) indicates the degree of protection against UVB rays. The SPF indicator is followed by a number (15, 25, 30 50) that indicates the level of protection, the higher the number the greater the protection.
  • How to know if we are protected from UVA rays? First we must make sure that our sunscreen has a mark that says UVA or PA (Protection Grade of UVA or Degree of Protection of UVA rays) The PA levels are indicated with the + sign, and the more +++ the higher the protection against UVA rays. To avoid premature aging and avoid spots on the skin you have to use sunscreens with a high or very high PA (for example: PA +++)

Now that we understand the two ways in which UV rays affect our skin, it is a little clearer why taking care of the sun should be an obsession and how this consumer need is something that brands, especially in Korea, have internalized developing sunscreens with innovative formulas which in many cases incorporate moisturizing or antioxidant ingredients, so this type of protective cream has become very popular and is a great and very complete solution.

And since you know all this, if you are using a sunscreen that protects you enough? EYE protecting ourselves from the sun's rays is very important and it should be a habit that is instilled in us from childhood, even in men, since by 2020 only in the United States it is estimated that approximately 100,350 new cases of melanoma will be diagnosed [1 ] and it is estimated that approximately 6,850 people will die [2] .

That is why I invite you to start today to use a sunscreen that takes care of you and yours

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[1] (Cancer, 2020)

[2] (Cancer, 2020)